Frequently Asked Questions

 We do accept walk in showroom visit. However we do recommend having an appointment with us as we give priority in attending to customers with an appointment slot.

VIO lights connect to the Wi-Fi network directly so there is no need for additional hubs.

VIO lights are not compatible with dimmer switches.

VIO lights are compatible with smart home panels.

VIO lights are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. They are not compatible with Apple HomeKit.

VIO lights are only compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

If you wish to have smart lights installed in toilets, we recommend our Elon series downlight as they are IP54 rated which means they could withstand some moisture and occasional splashes.

No, VIO lights are not designed for outdoor use.

By switching off the lights via VIO app, the lights will consume an insignificant amount electricity (<1W).

As long as your lights are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, you can control it even if your phone is not connected to the same network. This means you can still control your lights even when you are not at home.

The light will go offline if its wall switch is switched off. You can set the behaviour of the light when the wall switch is used by referring to section 1.4 of the user guide.

When the Wi-Fi is down, VIO lights will operate as regular non-smart lights.

You can set up multiple homes in the VIO app. Please refer to section 3.1 of the user guide for the steps to set up a Home in the app.

Yes you can control multiple lights simultaneously by grouping the lights. Please refer to section 4.1 of the user guide for the steps to group multiple devices.

You can reach out to us by using the live chat feature of the website or by dropping us an email to